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Studio procedures

1. Registration for classes in the applicationPHYSICAL

2. Do not bring personal bags into the studio.

3.Pre-registration for all classes at least an hour before the class!
(by phone 073-7272332 or in the app).

4.Cancellation of registration - it is the duty of everyone who has registered for a class to cancel their registration within an hour of the beginningof the lesson, in order to allow more subscribers to enjoy the lessons.

5. The club's management reserves the right to make last-minute changes even without prior notice, and if necessary to add and reduce classes at its discretion.

6. It will not be possible to enter the class more than 10 minutes late.

7. Attend classes in appropriate clothing and shoes.

8. You must arrive with a towel.

Participation in the class is subject to pre-registration an hour before and a minimum of 5 participants!!!     

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