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  • Personal training

  • tanning machine

  • Protein shakes

  • Food additive products

A variety of subscription types

The subscription includes

  • Gym

  • Aerobic area

  • Free weight area

  • Functional training area

  • Studio for classes

  • TRX training area

free weight

Weightlifting is the field in which we specialize and therefore, whether you are experienced in the field or just interested, our professional and qualified team will be happy to help you progress, develop and push yourself to new heights.


The most classic training techniques available - use of devices, and with us you will find them all. 
 We offer a comfortable and spacious space with a huge variety of high-quality and professional equipment, with varying levels of difficulty, that will elevate your training, according to your pace.

Personal training

It is known that personal attention brings results, and because it is important to us that you reach your maximum, we offer you a personal training program, one on one. 
  When all the attention of our professional trainers is focused on you, we guarantee that you will reach your goals and start seeing results at the highest level possible.


 tanning machine

?Dream of being tanned

Here at Fitness Land you can  make your dream come true

Fast tanning up to 12 minutes

Food Additives

In order to achieve a proper diet that suits you and your goals, it is important that you make sure to purchase high-quality and professional food supplements, that way you will not have to compromise on less than the best. 
Here at Fitness Landd you will find a huge variety of professional and high-quality food supplements from a variety of companies and in a variety of flavors.


Aerobic activity is an umbrella term for many different types and diverse training techniques, from running and walking, through swimming and cycling, and even dancing, and many other ways to exercise the muscles. 
 Therefore, with us you will find varied and fun aerobic training that will allow you to choose the right way for you to reach your goals.

Functional training

Cyclical training that combines a wide variety of different techniques and training, so that you can choose the program that is more suitable for you and your goals, and also maintain interest and variety without losing motivation and without dropping in level. We will provide you with the professional team with the knowledge to help you build the perfect plan for you.

Studio for classes

We offer a variety of unique and fun classes, under the guidance of our professional and experienced team - body shaping, bone building training, HIT, Pilates, Latin dance, Zumba, functional design, FitBall and a wide variety of other classes - so let's choose the classes that suit you best.

TRX training

The hot trend of the fitness world in recent years has also reached us. Professional training in high gear that actually provides an entire gym in one tool, and allows you to achieve ideal results in a short time.
 Even if you haven't had the chance to try it yet - we guarantee a quality and fun workout that you shouldn't miss.

Smoothie bar

Did you finish your workout and again forgot to bring food? 
Don't worry - we have the perfect solution for you! 
  An excellent shake bar with everything you need to finish a workout successfully - protein shake, gainer, workout fruit and a variety of delicious protein snacks, all - at extremely affordable prices.

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