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Regulations Fitness Land - fitness club



"Subscription" - the member's subscription to the club.

"Subscription renewal"-subscription renewal as a club member.

"Beginning of the subscription period" - the date of signing of these regulations/another date agreed upon in writing.

These regulations are written in the masculine language, for both sexes.


The types of subscriptions and their prices

Monthly subscription - subscription renews every month (as long as the customer has not canceled according to the regulations), without obligation.

Termination of the subscription is subject to a notice of one month in advance from the date of registration

(For example: a subscriber who registered on 20.1, and announces cancellation on 10.5, his subscription will end on 20.6, i.e. one month after the day of registration in the month).

Monthly subscription - subscription for a period of one month only. Unable to cancel!

1. The subscription fee will be paid by standing order using a credit card (does not take up a limit), and the subscriber hereby gives permission to the club to charge his card for the payment of the subscription fee and any other amount that the subscriber owes the club in connection with the subscription and/or its termination, according to the calculation to be made by the club .

2. A renewable monthly subscription continues until the subscription is notified of its cancellation.

3. It is not possible to freeze or transfer subscriptions.


registration fees

4. Each new subscriber must pay a one-time registration fee (refers only to a renewable monthly subscription), in the amount of NIS 150, which will be paid upon signing the regulations ("registration fee"). The company reserves the right to change the amount of the registration fee from time to time The registration fee includes insurance, a membership card (chip), and building one training program with a trainer.


Termination of subscription

5. It is possible to terminate a subscription, with one month's advance notice according to the date of registration at the club, when during this period the subscriber is allowed to train at the club.

6. The subscription termination notice must be made through a subscription termination form, and will be delivered to the club's subscription secretariat only.

7. Upon termination of the subscription, the member must pay any amount he owes to the club.

8. A. The member gives the club irrevocable permission to use the credit card, through which the subscription fee is paid, to collect any debt (including, personal training, treatments and other purchases) that the member owes the club.

B. Cancellation of credit card transactions are charged an early repayment fee by the credit companies/banks and will be applied to the customer.


membership card

9. Membership in the fitness club "Fitness Land" is personal and non-transferable and a third party must not be allowed to use it. The entrance to the club is recorded in the computer system, and the member must identify himself by the means that the club will provide for this purpose. It will not be possible to freeze subscriptions.

10. In the event of loss of a membership card (Chap), the club will issue a new card against the payment of the handling fee in accordance with the conditions that will be in effect at that time.


Club activity

14. The management reserves the right to require advance registration for participation in certain activities at the club.

15. In any case of injury at the club, the member must inform the club management immediately upon the occurrence of the incident and fill out an injury report.

16. The company may change the dates of the various classes and activities, and replace instructors and trainers at its sole discretion.

17. A member who did not come to a personal activity (personal training, nutritional counseling) that was scheduled for him - will be charged the full amount of the activity, unless he notified the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.


storage compartments ("lockers")

19. A. Storage lockers, with a simple closing mechanism, will be available and used by the members for the purpose of storing their belongings during their stay in the club only.

B. The storage rooms are provided as a service only, but it is possible to rent rooms for personal use for a fee based on available space, and in accordance with the rules used in the club.

C. The storage rooms are not burglar-resistant "safes", but it is mandatory to lock the room with the member's personal lock.

D. It is recommended to lock the cell used by the member with a personal lock.

e. The company is not responsible for the loss and/or theft of their belongings in the club area, whether they were stored in a storage room or not; The storage of the member's belongings in the cabin is at his sole responsibility.

and. Do not leave equipment stored in the cells after leaving the club.

G. At the end of the activity hours at the club, the company will be entitled to break into locked cells and store the contents of the broken cells in a separate warehouse; If the contents are not required after 30 days, the company will present an appropriate advertisement on the bulletin board in the club regarding its intention to donate the equipment to those in need, at the discretion of the management.



20. Membership in the fitness club Fitness Land is allowed for those 14 and older.

  (When registering a subscription, those under the age of 17, the written consent of one of the parents is required on a form intended for this purpose)

21. The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to accept a candidate as a club member and/or to renew an existing membership.

23. The members must dress in sports clothes that do not hurt the feelings of the other members, and wear appropriate shoes during training and rubber flip-flops (flip-flops) in the locker room area.

28. The company may terminate the membership of any member in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations and/or the instructions of the club staff and management and/or in the event of a serious breach of discipline and/or behavior and/or verbal expression that is rude, wild, violent, insulting and/or Behavior that endangers the safety and property of club members and staff.

29. The company is entitled to change and update the regulations from time to time and at its discretion and as long as no other regulations are signed, the provisions of these regulations apply to the membership of the club with the required changes as the case may be.

31. The member must always obey the instructions and instructions of the staff and club management.

32. A member confirms that before signing the regulations, he was given answers to all his questions, and was given an oral explanation regarding his right to terminate the subscription, the method and the costs involved.

33. The member confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to the provisions of the regulations, which constitute a contract between him and the club and undertakes to act according to them.

34. The member knows that a copy of the regulations is available for review at the club's offices.

36. The subscriber declares that he knows that these regulations are a binding contract between him and the club.

37. There is no freezing of subscriptions and no transfer of subscriptions.

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