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For the first time in Israel, come learn from a powerlifting legend, world record holder, champion of Russia, Europe and the world: Yuri Belkin! Coming to Israel to conduct a one-of-a-kind seminar!

Whether you are amateur exercisers or professionals from the various fields of fitness and in the field of powerlifting in particular, you must not miss this theoretical and practical workshop which will be held at the Fitness Land club, in Rishon Lezion.

Yuri BelkinKnown to us as an athlete with a special technique, especially deadlift sumo and proved that even an athlete in the middle category can lift crazy weights with excellent technique.
Yuri conducts a lot of seminars both in Russia and around the world, has huge experience both as an athlete and as a coach.

You can choose two different dates:

09/11/18 Friday, at 16:00 – 10:00

10/11/18, Saturday, at 16:00 - 10:00

In this seminar you can learn all the secrets of Yuri Belkin!

Yuri will go through with you personally all the important technical principles in the squat, chest press and deadlift exercises.

Yuri Belkin will guide the seminar accompanied by a Hebrew interpreter who speaks both languages.

An unprecedented opportunity that will not be repeated coming soon!

This will be an intensive and extremely well-educated seminar. Among other things, we will go through all Belkin's explanations, ways of progress and the best tips to ensure your progress, all so that you feel confident and relaxed in your technique, knowledge and personal progress.

Table of Contents

6   particularly intense hours:

•  scout (theory and practical practice)
•  chest compression (theory and practical practice)
•  deadlift (theory and practical practice)
•  Basics of building a training program

The seminar is suitable for all professionals who wish to specialize in the field and learn how to influence and help their trainees better, as well as amateur trainees and powerlifters alike, who wish to take their training and progress a few steps further.


 700 NIS only!

Purchase tickets in advance  until  01/11/18

Payment by credit card (telephone transaction 077-3016007)

You can pay in 1 or 3 credit payments

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